Questions - museum building

Council meeting 28 July 2015

Question to Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Investment from Cllr Charles Ferris

Subject:  Museum building

Question 1

Question:  Given that Newport’s library provision will be centred on the use of the museum building in John Frost Square and given that this ageing building has structural problems, can the Cabinet Member give an estimate of how long the operational use of this building is feasible and what contingency plans have, or are to be made, to replace this building ensuring Newport’s future provision of library and museum services?                   

Answer:  The Council needs to establish a better understanding of the building’s structural condition before reaching a conclusion about its future.

Officers have been instructed to commission a building survey to ascertain the detail required to inform the Council’s position on the long term use of the building.   

I would urge Cllr Ferris to campaign his party colleagues in Westminster who are responsible directly for funding to run the services for people of this city.