Questions - NATO Costs

Council meeting 27 January 2015

Question to Leader of the Council from Cllr J Guy

Subject: NATO costs 

Question 2

Question: Will the costs of NATO that were incurred by this local authority be reimbursed? Is the Leader able to provide me with an update?

Answer: When the NATO Conference was announced we made the point we would welcome everyone from presidents to peaceful protesters.

Shortly after the event it was identified that the Council had incurred costs of about £46,000.

I have had dialogue with the Welsh Government and the Westminster Government and to date, £10,000 has been received. The largest amount was the responsibility of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

These costs primarily relate to the protest marches and camp. Such costs would normally fall to the event organiser and in the case of the NATO Summit the FCO undertook that role on behalf of central government.

Welsh Government also has an interest as they expended several millions of pounds. I remain optimistic and the negotiations are going well. I would expect that we will receive the full amount, hopefully by the end of the financial year.