Questions - Estyn inspection results

Council meeting 29 July 2014

Question to Cabinet Member for Education and Young People from Cllr Garland

Subject: Results of Estyn Inspections

Question 1

Question: Can the Cabinet Member for Education and Young People please provide an update on the results of the ESTYN inspections of schools in the last academic year?

Answer: Yes, they have been particularly good this academic year and reflect the excellent education offered in Newport, though it is acknowledged challenges remain. 

We intend to build on these excellent outcomes by continuing with a variety of measures of challenge and support to ensure the pupils across the city enjoy the highest levels of teaching and learning. We will continue to give schools aspirational targets to improve at every key stage and our priority remains to tackle the effects of poverty and deprivation on educational achievement. We have key development programmes in place which focus on raising standards at every level. The Estyn Reports demonstrate the good effect of our support and challenge and I can ensure members this will continue in the future.