Residential care

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Care homes have trained staff who look after the residents who live there both day and night.

Residential care homes have staff who can look after you in the same way that your relatives or a friend might.

Nursing homes have trained nurses to provide nursing care when you need it.

Find details of care homes in Newport

Download a Guide to Care Homes in Newport (pdf)

Choosing a care home

Sometimes people who need to move into a care home are able to make their own arrangements.

If you need this level of care and you are not able to make your own arrangements, we will help you.

If you are leaving hospital read Choosing a Care Home (pdf) to help you find a care home that can meet your needs.

View residential home inspection reports from the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales 


If you feel that you may need to move into a care home and do not think that you will be able to pay the full fees yourself, please contact our social services team below. 

We will assess your needs, which means you will be asked about yourself, what you have difficulty doing, the things you would like to be able to do and why you are thinking of moving into a care home.

You may decide you would prefer to carry on living in your current home. 

If the assessment shows that the best thing is for you to move into a care home, the next step will be to find a home that suits you.

Your right to choose where you live!

Once it has been agreed that a care home is what you need, you can choose to move into any care home as long as:

  • There is a place available and it is suitable for your care needs
  • The council, the owner of the home and you can agree a contract
  • The home you want does not cost more than the council normally expects to pay for the type of care you need

If there are no places available in the home you want, you can ask to live somewhere else until a place becomes available.


Contact Newport social services for more information.

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