What is fostering?

Fostering Changes Lives

Foster families provide a safe and caring home for a child or young person who cannot live with their parents or other family members. 

Foster Newport needs people who can provide children and young people with a supportive, warm,stable and secure home. 

Fostering can be….

  • temporary, from an overnight stay to a few months
  • permanent, to provide a child with a home until they become an adult
  • respite care for families needing a regular or one-off break

Why are children fostered?

There are many reasons why a child may need foster care and each child’s experience will be unique to them.

It may be because of family illness, a break down in the family home or because they are at risk or have suffered harm. Many of the children will have experienced some form of abuse, this can be physical, sexual, and emotional or neglect. Every child’s story will be different and they will need nurturing care and support to manage and understand their emotions of loss and separation.  

Foster Newport is a not for profit organisation committed to giving children the best opportunities to meet their full potential. 

We are able to do this by recruiting motivated foster carers and providing them with support from highly-skilled social workers and both training and developmental opportunities.  

Download the Fostering handbook (pdf)

Download the Fostering Service Statement of Purpose (pdf)

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