Becoming a foster carer

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  • You will need to be at least 21 years old
  • You may or not have children
  • You may or not be in a relationship
  • You may own or rent your home
  • You will be able to meet the core competencies
  • You will be able to provide stability and support

All children are different and fostering can be challenging but the Experience can be very rewarding. One size does not fit all!

You will need to use your personality and experiences and be flexible and resilient to manage the difficulties that some children will have experienced and continue to face.Caring for any child takes patience, determination and constant re-evaluation but you will be supported by professionals to achieve positive outcomes for the child or young person in your care.

The only people who would not be considered are those who have been convicted of an offence against children or a violent crime.

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be made and we will request medical and local authority checks as well as employment and personal references.

The children range from 0-18 years and vary in their personalities and needs.

Foster Newport respect a child’s racial, religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds when placing them with a foster family, as well as ensuring that their health and developmental needs are met.

Download the Fostering handbook (pdf)

Start your fostering journey now...

1. Enquiry

You can find out more about fostering for Newport by filling in your details here or giving our placement officer a call on (01633) 210272.  We will send you an information pack and are happy to answer any questions you have.

2. Home visit by a member of the fostering team

After you have read the information pack we will contact you to arrange a visit to your home to discuss the next stage and answer any questions you may have.

Becoming a foster carer is a big decision and we will be there to give you all the information you need to decide if fostering is the right choice for you and your family.

3. Completing your fostering assessment

One of the first people you will work with is your fostering assessor, a qualified social worker experienced in the world of fostering who will complete your assessment report. 

Your assessor will visit you in your home and get to know about you and your family, your friends, hobbies, life experiences and skills.

We will also invite you to attend a two-day course to find out more about fostering and the children who need foster carers.

Our course is informal and friendly and you will have the opportunity to meet some of the fostering team and our foster carers. 

Here are some comments from people attending recent courses:

“It was so lovely to speak to carers and hear straight from them about what it is really like”

“We are so excited to start the journey the course was great”

“When we went on pre-approval course we met a lot of great people who we now consider friends and we help and support each other when we need it”

4. Foster panel

All fostering assessment reports go to a foster panel, you will be invited to attend with your assessor and meet the panel members. 

Panel members come from all walks of life and are passionate about providing a quality fostering service that supports foster carers to give the children they care for the best opportunities.

Panel members may have some questions for you and your assessor and you are welcome to ask the panel any questions of your own.

Panel members will make a recommendation about your approval, which will go to our agency decision maker for a decision. 

You will receive a letter about 10 days after panel to let you know if you are approved.

Welcome: the start of your fostering career!

Congratulations on becoming an approved foster carer and part of the Foster Newport community.  

You will be allocated a supervising social worker who will be there alongside you to provide advice and support for you and your family.

Call (01633) 210272 to find out more or complete the form below

Apply to be a foster carer

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