Chat with me

About 'chat with me'

In our book 'chat with me' we go on some exciting adventures across Newport with Cas.

Look out for places you recognise, chat about where you’ve been and places that you’d like to go, what you did or would like to do there, let your imagination run wild.

As you share this book with your child, we hope you will find so much to talk about together, and those words will work wonders for your child’s developing brain.

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Extending the conversation

We’ve put together some extra ideas you can use alongside this book. They will enable children and parents to communicate together about different themes from the ‘Chat with me’ book on and continue the conversation off the page.

Below are some ideas for each section of the book:

Supporting your children

Below is some advice while reading and talking with your children:

Wait: to give your child time to look at the pictures and take in all the information.

Notice: what your child is looking at or pointing to, and listen to anything they say.

Respond: by saying something about what your child is focused on.

We would love for you to continue the adventure off the pages, by visiting various Newport landmarks. For more information please visit our places and activities webpage.

Chat with Me is currently available in English and Welsh. You could translate the book into your own language when reading with your child because using your own language helps their talking develop.

For more information on using more than one language with your child visit Babylab - Bilingualism.