Benefits of reading

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Books can be a great way to spend time with children.

By sitting with your child can help to promote bonding and feelings of togetherness, this can also promote a calm and relaxing environment before bedtime. 

Reading books with your child will help to support their language development.

The words that you say will match the pictures which helps your child to understand what is being said. Hearing repetitive words each time you read the book, will help a child to learn and remember them.

Books create the opportunity to discuss topics and themes that children may not experience each day.

Spending time looking at books can support children to prepare for school for future literacy skills.

The rhymes in books can help children to recognise the sounds that are required to make up words. 

Further support can be found on BBC Tiny People sharing books and sharing picture books with a toddler.

Additional infomation and support can be found on the National Literacy Trust website.