Additional needs childcare

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The Wales Pre-school Providers Association (PPA) understands the difficulties faced by a child who needs extra support to join in a playgroup with other children.

The Additional Needs Referral Scheme can help if a family is struggling to understand their child’s behaviour, actions or needs, by helping to find a playgroup or nursery that can cater for the child’s needs.

The scheme can provide additional help in the form of a one-to-one worker, or support for a smaller group of children to help with their development.

The family and child are at the heart of the scheme, ensuring that the child gets the best possible start in life.

Register an interest 

A health professional will need to complete the Wales PPA referral form which will be signed by the parents, authorising information to be passed to Wales PPA.

The child's parents will then be contacted to discuss what support would be best. 

The Additional Needs Panel will meet to consider if the referral meets selection criteria and to discuss funding available to support the application.

Parents will be contacted once a decision is reached.  

Children will only be placed in childcare that: 

  • is a member of the Wales PPA/Mudiad Meithrin
  • is registered by the Care Inspectorate Wales
  • has support workers holding a level 3 childcare qualification
  • has a current enhanced DBS
  • has checks to ensure that support workers are properly employed and paid

First visits

If the child qualifies for the Additional Needs Referral Scheme parents will be invited to look around the playgroup or nursery and meet staff.

A contract will ensure parents and the playgroup or nursery understand responsibilities and expectations.

The scheme will fund the support worker but parents will be responsible for paying the normal fees.

A plan will be agreed and reviewed regularly to discuss the child’s progress.  


When a child is due to leave the scheme everyone involved has an opportunity to provide information to help the child and family settle into the next stage. 


For further information contact the Additional Needs Co-ordinator, Beechwood House, Christchurch Road, Newport NP19 8AJ


Telephone: (01633) 271528