Business Benefits

Changing the way we live and work

Superfast broadband can benefit businesses of all types and all sizes. Whether it’s improving the way we communicate, speeding up the transfer of large files, collaborating between companies better, or improving the way we use social media – superfast broadband will change the way we all live and work.


Superfast broadband allows us to move far bigger files more quickly and reliably, so we can use far richer online content than ever before to communicate with customers and partners, and we can easily use online storage systems - to make sure our data is kept safe.

Case study: Web Strategist, Joel Hughes on the importance of broadband,


Better connections will mean video calls will become commonplace - allowing more personal communication. We’ll also be able to use “converged” communication systems - switching between online calls, office phone, home phone and mobile to suit our needs throughout the day.

Case study:  Ashton Park Care Home breaking physical barriers using internet communication… 


Supply chain integration is the big trend in global business development. Big companies need to work with specialist Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) around the world to get the best expertise. Superfast broadband gives the ability for large and small businesses to work together seamlessly.

Case studyDavid Barnes on the opportunities of collaboration…


The decline of the high-street and the growth of e-commerce is continuing. All successful companies in all sectors need to develop an effective e-commerce to remain competitive in the developing global economy.

Case studyUK Plumbing Supplies breaking physical barriers to create a national business…


Cloud computing gives businesses the opportunity to integrate advanced data analytical techniques into their business approach. Combined with massive increases in the data available, this will transform the way we live and work.

Case studyCertus Technology Group on the importance of flexibility…


Social media systems are continuing to develop and their importance is growing. They give all businesses an opportunity to extend a personal service for their customers – wherever they are.

Case studyNSP Gaming Centre creating online and offline communities…