Property to let

Business properties to rent in Newport

Newport City Council has a variety of properties to rent, namely industrial units at Edwin Street, East Bank Road and Enterprise Way and office spaces within Beechwood House.

Please contact [email protected] for further information on these as well as garages currently available for rental in the city.

Industrial units

Located at Edwin Street, Enterprise Way and East Bank Road estate.

Many of the properties are purpose built starter units for commercial or industrial usage and range in size from 35m² to 415m².

Contact Newport City Council's business team for advice and grant availability. 

Office space

Serviced office accomodation is available in Beechwood House, situated in Beechwood Park, approximately 1.5 miles from the city centre, 3 miles from J24 of the M4 and on a local bus route.  

Offices range in size from approximately 10m2 – 55m2 (100 ft2 – 600ft2) and are offered on a rolling monthly licence with an inclusive rent including electricity, heating and lighting.

There is a staffed reception desk (during office hours) and office support services are available at an additional cost.  

Some occupiers may qualify for small business relief, interested parties should contact the business rates department at Newport City Council for more information.

Contact Newport City Council's business team for advice and grant availability. 

Download further information about Beechwood House Office spaces (pdf)

Land ownership enquiries

To find out whether the council owns a particular parcel of land or property please write, including a location plan if possible, to Newport Norse below.

If land is not owned by the council the Land Registry may be able to help.


Newport Norse Property Services, 1st Floor Caradog House, Cleppa Park, Newport, NP10 8UG
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (01633) 240456

Newport Norse Property Services is responsible for:

  • Valuations of the council’s properties
  • Management of the council’s industrial units
  • Acquisition and disposal of land and buildings
  • Purchases and leases of land and buildings
  • Encroachment on council land
  • Advice on property matters to the council
  • Maintaining council property records and ownership enquiries
  • Undertaking asset management on council owned properties
  • Management of county farms portfolio