Weighbridge certificate

Weighbridge - certificate of competency

A public weighbridge is usually owned by a private business which has decided to make it available for the weighing of any item - usually vehicles - in return for a fee.

Weighbridge staff must be tested to ensure they can operate the bridge competently and according to the legal requirements, which are: 

  • to carry out the weighing when asked to (unless there is a good reason not to)
  • to carry out the weighing fairly.
  • to provide a written statement of the weight to the person requiring the weighing

The weighbridge operator must then keep a record of each weighing for 2 years, which must include:  

  • the date and time of the weighing
  • the name and address of the person making the request
  • details to identify the vehicle, e.g. registration number
  • the type of load on the vehicle.

Public weighbridge location

The only public weighbridge in Newport is at Island Steel UK Ltd, Alexandra Docks, Newport NP20 2UW

Visit the Island Steel UK website or telephone (01633) 211133.


To register a public weighbridge please email trading.standards@newport.gov.uk to apply for a certificate of competence.

Weighbridge staff will be tested and a fee will be charged.

The application must include your name, the address and type of weighbridge and how many staff will operate the weighbridge.