Scrap metal dealers

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

All businesses that fall under the definition of a 'scrap metal dealer' must have a licence from the council to operate under The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

Download and view the council’s Scrap Metal Dealers Policy (pdf).

Scrap metal dealers

If you buy or sell worn out or discarded metal or metal products, either from fixed premises within the Newport area, or operate without premises but are resident within Newport (previously an itinerant collector), you must be authorised with Newport City Council as a scrap metal dealer for a site or collectors licence.  

Motor salvage operators

If you dismantle old or damaged vehicles for salvageable parts, repair previously written-off vehicles for resale, or trade vehicles for either of these purposes at premises within Newport City Council area, you must be authorised as a scrap metal dealer.

Scrap Metal Licensing 


There are two types of licence, both last for three years:

  • Site licence

  • Collector’s licence (mobile)

A dealer can only hold one type of licence in any one local authority area but can apply to run multiple sites.

Further information about both licences can be found in the explanatory notes accompanying the application form. 

Apply for a new, renewal or variation to licence

Download the guidance for completing a scrap metal dealer licence application form (pdf) 


Site operators licence

  • grant application site operators licence (three years) £504.00
  • renewal application site operators licence (three years) £444.32

Collectors licence

  • grant application collectors licence (three year licence) £328.00
  • renewal application collectors licence (three year licence) £281.22

Licence variation

  • variation application £57


A Basic Disclosure certificate is also required so that the authority can determine your suitability.

Apply for a Basic Disclosure Wales check

Read more about the Scrap Metal Act on the Home Office web site 

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