Petroleum licence

You need a licence from Newport City Council if:

  • you run a business where petrol is stored to be put into a fuel tank of an internal combustion engine, or
  • you store large amounts of petrol for private use

Conditions may be attached if a licence is granted.


Submit your application with plans of the premises showing the tanks where petroleum will be stored, an electrical certificate and the fee, which depends on the quantity of petroleum stored:

  • less than 2,500 litres, £46 fee
  • 2,500 litres to 50,000 litres, £62 fee
  • more than 50,000 litres, £131 fee

If granted, the licence will be issued for 12 months and will then have to be renewed. 

For a replacement licence or to transfer the licence, please email 

Apply for a petroleum storage licence


Email with any queries.