Container licence

A container is a lockable unit used for short-term secure storage, for example, if you are having work done on your house or are moving abroad.

See also information about skip permits.

Download a container licence application pack (pdf)

Conditions of approval for container licences

If you wish to locate a container on the public highway it must be covered by a permit which will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Subject to Section 171 of The Highways Act 1980, the container shall be sufficiently lighted at all times between sunset and sunrise and furthermore be lamped and coned in accordance with the New Road and Street Works Act ‘Code of Practice’
  • Each person to whom a licence is granted shall fill in, level and compact footway/carriageway/soft landscaped surface to its former condition and the council discharges its responsibility under The Highway Act 1980 in the event of any accident occurring as a result of the execution of work, or through the failure of surfaces, or the erection or removal of the container
  • Any damage to the highway is to be replaced and made good by the council at the cost of the licensee
  • The licence must be displayed, suitably protected, in a prominent position on the container
  • Any person using the container for advertising otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (control of advertisements) Regulations 1984, or such other regulations as may be in force, is liable for every offence to a penalty not exceeding £400 and to a further penalty not exceeding £20 for every day during which such an offence shall be continued after conviction, or such penalty as the Regulations may impose
  • Any person offending against the terms of this licence or against the provisions of Section 171 of The Highways Act 1980 shall be liable on a summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £400
  • The licensee shall keep all public utility covers clear at all times and shall comply with any reasonable requirements of any statutory undertakers concerned for the protection of apparatus belonging to or used or maintained by the undertakers or for securing access to such apparatus
  • A licence is required for each container
  • All storm drains to be kept clear at all times and a drainage channel to be maintained at all times. The public highway around the site of the container shall be kept clean and tidy at all times
  • If a container is to be placed within a controlled parking zone (resident, business permit bays / meters etc.) a separate permission must be obtained from parking services and any parking fees paid to them

Permission will only be issued subject to you undertaking to observe and abide by the conditions as listed in the permit as well as any other conditions the Highway Authority may deem necessary.

Please be aware that if you fail to observe and abide by these conditions then the applicant may be liable to prosecution under The Highways Act 1980.


The cost of an application for a container licence for the placement of a skip on the highway is £20 and is valid for 28 days if granted.

If an extension to permission is required, an application renewal must be received at least 1 full clear working day prior to the expiry of the original permit.


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