Animal licence fees

Animal health licence fees 

We offer a pre- application audit inspection service for a fee of £50 per hour, where we will inspect your premises for suitability and offer advice before you apply for a licence.

If your licence application is not successful and you would like a re-audit visit, a further fee of £50 per hour will be payable. 

The audit fee is in addition to the licence fees below.

(a) Riding establishments


Up to 10 horses


11 to 20 horses


21 to 30 horses


(b) Animal boarding establishments      


Pet sitters


Up to 25 animals


25 to 50 animals


Over 51 animals


Other establishments


(c) Pet shops


(d) Dangerous wild animal


(e) Dog breeding


(f) Zoos


For categories (a) to (f) the licensee will pay the council's veterinary fees  in addition to the licence fee.

The fee is payable on application and is not refundable if a licence is not issued.