Club premises certificate

A Club Premises certificate allows social, sporting or working men’s clubs to:

  • sell or supply alcohol to members or guests
  • provide regulated entertainment, like musical performances or film screenings to members or guests

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Clubs are organisations where members have joined together for particular social, sporting or political purposes.

They may then combine to buy alcohol in bulk as members of the organisation to supply in the club.

The club only sells alcohol to guests, where members purchase alcohol, there is no sale (as the member owns part of the alcohol stock) and the money passing across the bar is a mechanism to preserve equity between members where one may consume more than another.

Only qualifying clubs with at least 25 members and which meet the qualifying conditions set out within the Licensing Act 2003 may hold club premises certificates.

The grant of a club premises certificate means that a qualifying club is entitled to certain benefits.


Email [email protected] or contact Newport City Council and ask for the Licensing team.