Tattooing & cosmetic piercing

Anyone offering tattoos, cosmetic piercing, acupuncture, electrolysis or semi-permanent colouring in Newport must be registered with Newport City Council.

[a] Ear piercing, acupuncture, electrolysis and Tattooing - Registration










per registration






per registration


Replacement Certificates




per certificate


Addition of new Procedure to existing Certificate




per certificate


Temporary Premises for Public Event




per registration


Temporary Practitioners for Public Event




per registration



Special procedures - a new licensing scheme from April 2020

If you work from premises they must also be registered, this is a legal requirement under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.

From 1 April 2023 the charge for a personal or a premises application is £118.72.

The fee to add a procedure to an existing registration is £59.36.  

Apply to register a person or premises

Registered premises are inspected to make sure they are safe and hygienic with minimal risk of infection. 

Intimate piercing - new law from 1 February 2018

It is now illegal to perform an intimate piercing including the tongue, breast or genitalia) on anyone under 18 years of age in Wales. 

Read more about the Public Health (Wales) Act 

Unregistered premises, ‘scratchers’ and complaints 

Illegal, unregistered tattooists - also known as ‘scratchers’ - and unregistered premises pose an increased risk of clients developing allergic reaction, scarring and infections such as HIV and hepatitis and may lead to serious skin infections requiring medical treatment.

Please report any concerns about illegal tattooists or unregistered premises to [email protected] or call 01633 656656