No recourse to public funds

COVID-19: information for people with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) 

People with no recourse to public funds may include: 

  • people seeking asylum
  • ‘failed’ asylum seekers
  • people with discretionary leave to remain in the UK with an NRPF restriction
  • refugees who have omitted to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) when their five years’ refugee leave has finished
  • EU citizens who are not economically active, or who are or were economically active but cannot evidence this
  • Visa over-stayers
  • Undocumented migrants
  • ‘mixed’ households
  •  others in specific circumstances such as victims of domestic abuse or potential victims of trafficking 

Most people with NRPF have the right to work, but unlike many UK residents who have lost jobs or had to close their business due to Covid-19 regulations, are not entitled to claim income related benefits or most of the specific Covid-19 support arrangements.

Read further guidance on the Home Office Public Funds document (pdf) 

Help and support

During Covid-19 regulations, people who have NRPF can receive the following services:

  • Food distributed by food banks, please call Newport City Council on freephone 08081 963482 or (01633) 656656, or email [email protected] 
  • Free school meals for school age children up to 16 years of age for people with NRPF on low or no income, email [email protected] 
  • Support from the NRPF Covid multi-agency partnership - Newport City Council, Welsh Refugee Council, British Red Cross and Citizens Advice Bureau. Email [email protected] for information 
  • Health services – Public Health Wales has stated that no personal information relating to people accessing health services will be shared with the Home Office 

TRA121991 08/07/2020