Skills at Work

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A four-year project in south east Wales funded by the European Social Fund to increase skill levels, including work skills, of people in the workforce with no or low skills.

We aim to work with over 1500 employed people who need support to gain qualifications, helping to sustain employment and increase earnings potential.

Newport City Council leads and manages the Skills@Work project on behalf of Cardiff City Council and Monmouthshire County Council who provide support across the region.  

What we do

We can help with:

  • a programme to help re-engagement based on your needs
  • support, advice, guidance and one-to-one mentoring
  • support for literacy, numeracy, digital literacy and confidence building
  • personal issues
  • employability support
  • qualifications
  • essential skills assessments
  • job specific or technical skills
  • course advice and guidance
  • continuous review and assessment of each person's progress
  • financial advice and support


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Skills@Work is funded by the European Social Fund