Journey2Work is a three year project in south east Wales funded by the European Social Fund.

The project aims to help economically inactive and long-term unemployed people aged 25 and over, helping them to find the skills and confidence needed for work.

Journey2Work aims to work with over 800 participants who face complex barriers which prevent them accessing training and employment.

Newport City Council leads and manages the Journey2Work project on behalf of the following local organisations that provide support across the region: 

What we do

The Journey2Work delivery teams can help with:

  • a programme to help re-engagement based on each person's needs
  • support, advice, guidance and one-to-one mentoring
  • support for literacy, numeracy, digital literacy and confidence building
  • personal issues
  • employability support
  • CV writing
  • job searching
  • interview technique
  • qualifications
  • work placement
  • practical skills and knowledge
  • course advice and guidance
  • taster sessions for progression to further learning
  • continuous review and assessment of each person's progress
  • financial advice and support


Contact your local Journey2Work team:

Or contact the central lead team at

Journey2Work is funded by the European Social Fund 

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