Focused Changes - Feb 2014

Statement of Focused Changes – Newport Local Development Plan 2011-2026

Newport City Council has submitted proposals for its Local Development Plan (LDP) to the Welsh Government for examination.  Following this submission, it became evident that the alignment of the safeguarded M4 corridor was shown incorrectly.  The correct alignment of the safeguarded corridor impacts on the deliverability of a number of allocations.  As a result, the Council is proposing to make focussed changes.

The following allocations are affected:

• EM1 (i) Duffryn

• EM1 (ii) East of Queensway Meadows, South of Glan Llyn

• EM1 (iv) Solutia

• EM2 (ii) Llanwern Former Tipping Area, South of Queensway

• T1c Coedkernew Railway Station

The proposed changes at EM1 (ii) and EM1 (iv) also impact on the Urban Boundary in this location, as well at the Undeveloped Coastal Zone Boundary and Special Landscape Area.

Please click on the below links for further detail:

Table of Proposed Focussed Changes (pdf)

Tracked Changes Version of the LDP – Written Statement (pdf)

Proposals Plan – February 2014 Focussed Changes (pdf)

These Focussed Changes were subject to formal consultation, which closed at 5pm on Monday 7 April 2014.   

As a result of the updated M4 safeguarded corridor, the Council has updated some of its conclusions within the Alternative Sites Assessment.  The Council is not allocating any land for development which falls within the safeguarded corridor.  Overall conclusions for the Alternative Sites have not changed from the December 2013 version.  Updated text is shown in red.