Displaying an advert without the necessary consent is a criminal offence.

Newport City Council is responsible for deciding whether or not consent should be given to display a particular advertisement.

If consent is refused you may appeal against the decision to the Welsh Government's Planning Inspectorate. 

An advert could be a:

  • poster or notice
  • placard or board
  • fascia or projecting sign
  • pole or canopy sign
  • model or device
  • advance or directional sign
  • estate agent board
  • captive balloon advertising (not balloons in flight)
  • flag advertisement
  • price marker and price display
  • traffic sign
  • town and village name-sign

Memorials and railway signals are not regarded as advertisements.

Do I need advertisement consent?

There are three groups of adverts with differing planning rules:

1. Adverts which are exempt from control.

2. Adverts which have 'deemed consent', meaning that permission is not needed provided you stay within certain rules. If you can't fit into one of the classes listed within the regulations then you will probably require permission. Contact the planning section for advice.

3. Adverts for which an application is always needed, known as ‘express consent’.

Consent is usually needed for hoardings, illuminated signs, fascia signs and projecting signs on shop-fronts or business premises which are higher than 4.6m above ground level, as well as most advertisements on gable ends.

Permission is also needed for signs advertising goods not sold at the premises where the sign is being displayed.

Download further guidance in ‘Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers’ (pdf).