COT wheelchair glideabout protocol

Wheelchair / glideabout / shower commode protocol

Before beginning check that the wheelchair/glideabout/shower commode is working correctly:

  • Check stitching, straps, material for rips, tears and lap belt present (the lap belt will not usually be present on glideabout commode) 
  • Check brakes are working
  • Check footplates are in place
  • Ensure that the tyres are pumped up and not flat

If any of the above are in a state of disrepair or are broken do not use the equipment

Report to SU / main carer / family member to report to the wheelchair/glideabout/shower commode services and request a repair.

Leave a note on the wheelchair /glideabout/shower commode instructing other carers not to use and also make a note in the communication book. 

If not using the wheelchair wheelchair/glideabout/shower commode results in a change of care or care package, please report to your team leader. 

Before beginning any transfers read the individual’s care plan and manual handling plan.

Ensure there is ample room to manoeuvre wheelchair wheelchair/glideabout/shower commode and there are no obstacles in the way.

Put brakes on the wheelchair wheelchair/glideabout/shower commode.

Move the footplates to the side so the front of the chair is clear for transfer.  

Complete the necessary transfers as set out in the manual handling plan.

Once transferred ask the person if they are sat comfortably and if not ask them to adjust themselves if they are able.

The individual will need to be centred and situated all the way back in the chair.

Put lap belt around the person. 

Bring footplates to the front and place the person's feet on them.

Take the brakes off and transport the person from the room. 

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