Newport Family Information Service

Newport Family Information Service


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Julia Mercer
07917 582 042


Within my house the children have the benefit of a fully equipped playroom, kitchen, dining room, downstairs bathroom as well as a spacious and secure back garden. Should your child require a nap or rest during the day, I am happy to offer our lounge. We also have outside parking for ease of drop off & pick up. I am able to offer a wide range of toys and activities for both boys and girls which will encourage their development in line with the Foundation Phase.

These include imaginative play, baking, craft, construction toys, jigsaws, books as well as plenty of outdoor play. We will regularly take trips to the park, soft play & local library as well as meet up with other childminding groups local to the area. I will follow a routine so children feel secure and know what to expect day to day. Apart from our 2 goldfish, our home is pet free.

I place a great importance on healthy, nutritious eating and home cooked meals. I am pleased to offer breakfast, lunch and tea to the children as well as healthy snacks and drinks. As a family we own an allotment and will be able to provide the children with home grown fruit & vegetables.

Pick up/drop off available for Pentrepoeth Primary School, Rhiwderin Village Meithrin and Bassaleg Pre-School.

Opening Hours
Monday 07:30 17:30
Tuesday 07:30 17:30
Wednesday 07:30 17:30
Thursday 07:30 17:30
Friday 07:30 17:30