Questions for Quiz

Age 16 and under

Q1 - What is the recommended amount of physical activity for young people?
be active 1 hour per month
be active 1 hour per week
be active 1 hour 5 times a week

Q2 - What is the best way to be active?
watch television
walk to school
play computer games

Q3 - How can I build my 1 hour of physical activity up?
by being active for 1 hour solidly
by counting each 10 minute block of activity throughout the day
either of the above

Q4 - How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we all eat every day?
5 or more

Q5 - Which food is high in salt?
Chicken nuggets

Q6 - Too much sugar in a diet can lead to?
Tooth decay
Hair loss
Better concentration

Q7 - Which of the following contains a drug?
All of the above

Q8 - Drinking too much alcohol can?
Give you a bad headache
Make you sick
Both of the above

Q9 - How many units of alcohol at one time is considered binge drinking?
5 units
50 units
500 units

Q10 - Which of the following is not caused by smoking?
In growing toe nail
Heart disease
Lung Cancer

Q11 - If a young person lives with a smoker, how many cigarettes worth of smoke would they breathe in over a year?
1 cigarette
60-150 cigarettes
2 000 000 cigarettes

Q12 - Becoming a smoker makes you?
Die younger
Have bad skin including spots and wrinkles

Q13 - If you feel down it is best to?
Tell nobody
Tell a friend or family member
Stop going out and spend time alone

Q14 - Which of the following helps promote positive mental and emotional health?
Taking regular physical activities
Eating healthily
Meeting with friends
All of the above

Q15 - Which of the following are tell tale signs you or someone you know maybe feeling depressed?
Comfort eating / not interested in eating
Laughing and joking
Taking part in more activities
Socialising with friends