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School admission arrangements 2022

In accordance with Welsh Government’s statutory School Admissions Code, the council is required to undertake an annual consultation on admission arrangements in the school year beginning two years before the school year in which the arrangements would apply.

The consultation in relation to the proposed admission arrangements for September 2022 is now live and all comments must be received by 12 Noon, 12th February 2021.

View the consultation document (pdf)

School admission arrangements 2021

A consultation ran from 8 January 2020 to 28 February 2020 in relation to proposed admission arrangements for September 2021 onwards.

Following the consultation, a consultation report (pdf) was drafted which described the consultation process and feedback received.

A Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment (FEIA) (pdf) was also undertaken and both of these documents were used to determine the admission arrangements for 2021.

The Decision Schedule (pdf) and School Admissions Policy for 2021/22 (pdf) are now available. For information, the policy has been determined as consulted upon.

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