What can be recycled at HWRC?

If you have items that could be used by someone else, take them to the Tip Shop on site, or offer unwanted items on the Newport Freecycle network

Ellacycle: the site is no longer a registered collection point, please visit the Terracycle website for alternatives.

Recycling A-Z

Batteries - all types of small household type batteries, place in the container near the WEEE recycling area

Bicycles - in good condition can be donated to the Tip Shop, otherwise place in the scrap metal container

Books, CDs, DVDs - original items suitable for reuse place into book and media bank

Bric a brac - including ornaments, lampshades, crockery, cutlery, framed mirrors, prints, pictures, toys and games - please donate to the Tip Shop

Cans - food tins, drinks cans, aerosol cans. These can also be recycled weekly at home in your red bag

Car batteries - please give to site staff to store, take care when handling

Cardboard - flatten cardboard and remove any plastic and polystyrene. Cardboard is also collected from home weekly in the green box

Cartons - (tetrapaks) take to food and drink cartons bank, you can also recycle from home weekly with cardboard in the green box. Please rinse and flatten

Paper cups - take to food and drink cartons bank, please rinse and flatten

CDs and DVDs - disks and cases not suitable for re-use can be recycled, please ask site staff

Clothes - plus sheets, blankets, bed covers, towels, belts, bags, paired shoes. Please bag items and place into the textile recycling container. Duvets, sleeping bags and pillows cannot be taken, consider donation to local animal charity homes to use for pet bedding

Cooking oil - place sealed bottles into the designated containers

Crisp packets - recycle all brands of crisp packets at the collection point provided in partnership with Terracycle. We do not accept popcorn bags, crisp tubes, pretzel bags or meat snack bags.

Electricals - household electrical items that use a plug or battery, large or small can be recycled at the designated WEEE recycling area. There are bays for all domestic electrical items including fridges, freezers, washers, driers, ovens, TVs and and computer monitors. Small electrical items can be recycled weekly at home in your blue box

Engine oil - pour used engine oil into the waste oil recycling tank

Fluorescent tubes, low energy light bulbs - please keep these separate and unbroken and place them carefully into the designated lamps recycling container at the WEEE recycling area

Foil - rinse, fold and place with metal cans. No plastic or paper backed foils such as crisp packets please - recyclable aluminium foil will stay scrunched when you fold it. May also be recycled from home in your red bag

Fridges and freezers - see Electricals  

Furniture - donate good condition items to the Tip Shop

Garden waste - plant materials from grass cuttings to shrubs and tree branches. No soil, plastic bags, garden pots or Japanese Knotweed to be put in garden waste skips

Gas bottles - empty single domestic use type bottles only, please see site staff

Glass bottles and jars - please rinse and place into glass banks or recycle weekly from home in your green box

Glass (plate window type glass) - please see site staff to place safely in recycling container

Paint - if can be re-used consider offering it on Freecycle or keep it safe and sealed for use in your home. 

If paint is no longer suitable for use we may be able to accept for recycling by specialist companies, please ask site staff.

Empty metal paint tins can be placed into scrap metal skip. 

Paper - newspapers, magazines, catalogues,telephone directories, mailings, envelopes, greeting cards, can also be recycled at home in your blue box

Pet food packaging - recycle all brands of empty plastic pet food pouches, pet treat packets and dry pet food packaging in the collection bin provided in partnership with Terracycle UK. Pouches must be rinsed and not contain any food residues, read more on the Terracycle UK site.

Plasterboard - plaster and gypsum materials are accepted within DIY waste limits only with studwork, tiles etc. removed

Plastics - household packaging plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays should be placed in the plastics recycling container (blue skip). You can also recycle these items each week from home in your red bag.

Plastic bags and polythene film are not collected as these can be recycled at carrier bag recycling bins at major supermarkets.

Large plastic items such as washing up bowls, crates, boxes, patio furniture, garden plastic tubs etc. should be placed in the separate designated bay. See also pet food plastic packaging above.  

Plastics – large rigid plastics such as washing up bowls, crates, boxes, patio furniture, garden plastic tubs etc. are collected separately and should be placed at the designated recycling bay.

Rubble and soil - bricks, concrete, tiles, ceramics, stone, soil - one car boot load or small trailer only per visit within DIY waste limits

Scrap metal - items with a reasonable metal content should be placed into the scrap metal skips

Tassimo recycling scheme - Tassimo pods and outer bag packaging accepted for this sponsored recycling scheme raising funds for Newport charity, the Sparkle Appeal

Textiles -  not currently accepted at the HWRC as the end markets for recycled textiles are not available during the COVID-19 crisis

TVs and computer monitors - place in the designated container skip at the WEEE recycling area

Tyres - a maximum of two car tyres only, please ask site staff

Wood, timber - quality wood or wood based furniture but no fabric or glass attached please. Ask site staff if in doubt. 

Hazardous waste - asbestos

Small amounts of cement bonded asbestos may be deposited at the site in accordance with the site rules and 'asbestos acceptance procedure', please contact the council for advice. 

This service is only available during weighbridge office opening hours. Residents must notify the weighbridge office and provide a council tax or utility bill statement to verify their address.

TRA96006 14/01/2019