Air quality

The quality of the air we breathe can significantly affect our health.

The main causes of poor air quality are industrial and road traffic emissions.

Consultation: the council asked for comments on the Supplementary Planning Guidance for air quality consultation, developed to help reduce air pollution. The consultation ended 5 October 2017 

The European Union, national government and local authorities are committed to improving air quality, a commitment that has been written into law. 

The pollutants of main concern are nitrogen dioxide (NO2) which has a threshold of 40ugm3 per year, and particulate material (PM10 and PM2.5).

Visit the Wales NHS site to read more about the effects of pollutants

To help improve air quality Newport City Council is responsible for: 

  • Identifying areas of poor air quality and taking action to improve them. In Newport the main source of poor air quality is road traffic emissions although a busy road is not necessarily an area of poor air quality.  
  • Regulating industrial processes that could pollute the atmosphereas identified under the Pollution Prevention and Control regulations, including petrol stations and wood treatment plants.
  • Smoke Control Areas that limit emissions from industrial stacks and domestic chimneys, including wood burners and open fires. 

Newport's Air Quality Management Areas 

Read Newport air quality data and reports


Ask for the environmental protection (pollution team) at Newport City Council