Active travel

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The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 aims to make walking and cycling the most attractive option for shorter ‘active travel’ journeys.

All local authorities in Wales have to produce Active Travel maps and improve routes and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Existing Route Maps

Newport City Council consulted and collected information to produce these Existing Route Maps (ERM):  

Download Bettws ERM (pdf)

Download Caerleon ERM (pdf)

Download Castleton and Marshfield ERM (pdf)

Download Newport central and north ERM (pdf)

Download Newport south east ERM (pdf)

Download Newport south west ERM (pdf)

Download Rogerstone ERM (pdf)

Draft Integrated Network maps

We held workshops to find out any issues with existing routes and identify potential new routes, and then consulted on the draft Integrated Network Maps (INM).

Active Travel timetable

  • Information gathering workshops took place September 2016 - February 2017 
  • Route assessment: June - September 2017
  • Draft INM and scheme identification: June - September 2017
  • Validation (including 12 week consultation): June - September 2017
  • Final plan and prioritisation: October 2017
  • Submission of INM to Welsh Government: November 2017


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