Welsh in education

Parents and carers may express a wish to send their child to a Welsh language school although this does not mean that a place at the first preference school is guaranteed. 

You do not have to be Welsh speaking to choose education in Welsh for your child.

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Read about Welsh-medium education on Mudiad Meithrin, RhAG, Newport Family Information Service 

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Welsh-medium education 

Primary schools

There are three Welsh-medium primary schools with nurseries in Newport: 

  • Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd, in Ringland 

  • Ysgol Gymraeg Ifor Hael, in Bettws 

  • Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon, in Brynglas 

Secondary schools

Newport’s first Welsh-medium secondary school, Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed, opened 1 September 2016 at a temporary location at Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon for year 7 pupils.

The school will expand each year until it is fully operational by 2020.

The Welsh-medium secondary school catchment area extends across the whole of Newport.  

Academic year

Ysgol Gyfun Gwent Is Coed, Newport

Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw, Pontypool


Year 7

Year 8 and above


Years 7 and 8

Year 9 and above


Years 7 to 9

Year 10 and above


Years 7 to 10

Year 11


All year groups



Welsh is the official language of these schools in all activities. 

All teaching and assessment, with the exception of English as a subject, are in Welsh at all key stages.

Although some children are from homes with at least one Welsh-speaking parent most are from non-Welsh speaking homes.

Welsh is taught using the immersion technique, which attempts to reproduce the process of learning a first language, focussing on content rather than the language itself.

Emphasis is placed on understanding before speaking and children are encouraged to listen, learn and speak in a wide range of activities suitable for their ages and interests.

English is introduced to the curriculum at Key Stage 2 (age 7).

The specific aim of Welsh-medium education is to ensure that children can speak, read and write in Welsh and English, reaching the expected levels of attainment across the whole curriculum. 

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2017- 2020

Welsh Government requires each council to produce a Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP). 

Underpinned by Welsh Government’s Welsh-medium Education Strategy (WMES), WESPs are intended to create an improved planning system for Welsh-medium education. 

The WESP sets out the council's vision to stimulate demand for Welsh medium education and details outcomes and targets for its development.

A draft plan was submitted to Welsh Government for review.

Following comments from Welsh Government this was revised in May 2018, approved by the council's Cabinet in June 2018 and has been submitted to Welsh Government for consideration and approval.

Download the June 2018 version of the WESP 2017-2020 (pdf)

Download the WESP consultation frequently asked questions (pdf)

Welsh in Education Forum 

Members of Newport's Welsh Education Forum (WEF) include:

  • Newport Welsh-medium primary schools
  • Welsh-medium secondary school (Y.G Gwynllyw)
  • Menter Iaith Casnewydd
  • Rhieni Dros Addysg Gymraeg
  • Mudiad Meithrin
  • Newport City Council education management, corporate services partnership and Flying Start teams
  • Urdd Gobaith Cymru
  • Coleg Gwent
  • South East Wales Education Achievement Service (EAS)

Newport WEF reports to the south east Wales regional Welsh education forum which includes Newport, Caerphilly, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire.

Read Newport Welsh Education Forum Terms of Reference (pdf)

Email education.business@newport.gov.uk for further information.