Admission to infant or primary school


Children can start school in the September following their fourth birthday.

Parents are able to delay the admission of their child until the term following their fifth birthday and the place will be held for the child.  

Parents are not able to delay entry beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, or beyond the school year for which the application was made.

Before deciding whether to defer your child’s entry to school, you should contact your preferred school(s) to clarify how they cater for the youngest children in Reception and how the needs of these children are met as they move up through the school.

School admission survey 2017

Help us to plan and improve future school provision by telling us what you consider when choosing a school - please take a few minutes to complete our short school admission survey.   

Reception applications for September 2018

Applications have now closed and decisions will be issued on 16 April 2018.

Make a late application by downloading the 2018 reception application form (pdf)  

You should contact voluntary aided (faith) schools directly for an application form.

Glan Llyn school formal consultation

Newport City Council consulted on a proposal to establish a new English-medium primary school on the Glan Llyn development from September 2018. 

The consultation closed 12 November 2017.  

While the council is unable to guarantee that the school will open as planned in September 2018, parents may express this as a preference during this application window.

You are advised to also select alternative preferences for existing schools, details of which can be found in the School Admissions Policy 2018/19.

If the planned opening of the new primary school at Glan Llyn is deferred, your second preference will be considered. 

Read more about the Glan Llyn school proposal.

In-year applications

Read about and apply for in-year applications outside the normal admissions round.

View the current summary of allocated reception places (pdf)  

Oversubscription criteria for admission to primary school

Where there are more applications for a particular school than there are places available, the following oversubscription criteria will be applied to decide which children should be admitted. 

Where a school is named in a statement of Special Educational Needs, we have a duty to admit the child to the named setting before the over-subscription criteria is applied against applications received.

This will reduce the amount of places available to other applicants.

If the total number of preferences for admission to a school exceeds the number of places, the following order of priority will be applied to allocate the available places:

  1. Looked-after children (children in public care) and previously looked-after children
  2. Pupils living within the catchment area and making an application on medical grounds or placed on the Child Protection Register and recommended by social services
  3. Pupils living within the catchment area but with relevant siblings
  4. Pupils living within the catchment area
  5. Pupils living outside the catchment area and making an application on medical grounds or placed on the Child Protection Register and recommended by social services
  6. Pupils living outside the catchment area but with relevant siblings
  7. Pupils living outside the catchment area.

After considering the above categories, or if the number of applications in any one of the above categories exceeds the published admission number, priority will be based on those living closest to the preferred school. 


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