Maes Ebbw expansion

Newport City Council has consulted on the proposal:

To expand the main Maes Ebbw School site and provide additional pupil places by increasing the capacity of the school from 100 to 150 with effect from September 2018

Download the Report to the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills (pdf)

Download the associated Decision Schedule (pdf)

Download the Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment (pdf)  


This consultation ran from 11 September to 22 October 2017 and is now closed.

The consultation gave an opportunity for people to learn about the proposal, ask questions and make comments that have been recorded and summarised in a consultation report (pdf) which will be considered when the council makes a decision.

Drop-in sessions were held for people most directly affected by the proposal, with council officers available to explain and answer any questions.



Maes Ebbw School, Maesglas Road, Newport

NP20 3DG

20 September 2017

9.30am to 11.30am

Maes Ebbw School, Maesglas Road, Newport

NP20 3DG 

26 September 2017

4pm to 6pm


Download the letter to stakeholders (pdf)  

Download the full formal consultation document (pdf)  

Download the everyday summary version of the consultation document (pdf)

The consultation response pro-forma (pdf) was available at the drop-in sessions.

Responses made during the consultation period were counted as adverse comments rather than as objections to the proposal.

Objections to the proposal can only be registered after publication of a statutory notice which is the next stage in this proposal.

The proposal

The proposal is to extend Maes Ebbw School, an existing purpose built community-maintained special school.

Maes Ebbw School serves the whole of the city and supports the provision of education for children aged from 3 years to 19 years whose statement of Special Educational Needs  SEN) requires specialist provision.

The main school shares a site with Maesglas Primary School and there is enough space to develop additional facilities without any detrimental impact on provision at either school or at any other school in the city. 

Maes Ebbw School offers a well-resourced environment and aims to provide the highest possible standards of education and support for all pupils regardless of their level of educational need.

It is over-subscribed and the number of pupils on roll exceeds the measured capacity of the school.

While this has been managed to date, the school site has sufficient and appropriate space for the construction of seven additional classrooms and a sensory garden.

This, along with the associated ancillary services, would facilitate an increase in whole school capacity from 100 to 150.  

This proposal supports the increasing demand for specialist education provision across the city of Newport.

This need has grown over the past five to ten years and the proposal will benefit pupils across Newport as additional facilities will be provided to support children who have specialist needs in an appropriate and secure environment.  

Consultation report

Download the consultation report (pdf) which summarises the consultation process, comments received and the council's response. 

What happens next?

The Cabinet Member for Education and Skills will now consider the views expressed and decide whether to proceed with the proposal.

If the decision is taken to proceed, a statutory notice will be published in the school. 

The statutory notice period will last for 28 days following the date of publication and enables people to express their views in the form of supporting or objecting to the proposals.

If no objections are received following the publication of the statutory notice the Cabinet Member will make the final decision as to whether to proceed.