Major candidate sites

Major Candidate Sites

The call for major candidate sites was made as part of the evidence gathering stage in the preparation of the Newport Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 (the LDP). A six week period was given for submission of such sites from 10 September to 22 October 2008.


This is a register of all the sites submitted to the council during the Major Candidate Sites consultation conducted in September and October 2008. This list is published for information purposes only, and while the council will consider these submissions in preparing Strategic Options for the Local Development Plan, the council does not give any commitment to include any of the sites in the eventual plan: that will need to be determined as part of the plan preparation process.

Major sites were defined in accordance with the plan’s Delivery Agreement as those sites that could deliver key elements of what could be a potential strategy for the plan, and which therefore need to be considered early on while the strategy is evolving. As such, the submissions were made on the representor’s assessment of the significance of their site, and all submissions are included in this register without assessment as to how far they meet the definition. Inclusion in this register cannot be taken as any indicating any commitment by the council to include them in the eventual plan. This is simply a list of sites submitted at this stage.

The Register

The Major Candidate Sites Register for the Newport Local Development Plan has been finalised. The table below sets out the information provided to the Council for each Major Candidate Site.

*Due to the nature of the submitted responses please note that there are no site plans available for 87.J1 and 357.J1.

Next Stages

As a step towards producing a Preferred Strategy for the plan, the council will seek to identify Strategic Options as a means of moving towards it. The major candidate sites submitted, either individually or in combination, will help in the identification of options, though not all sites may be considered to be part of a strategic option.

A further candidate sites stage for sites of all sizes was undertaken from 20 March – 6 May 2009. Any interested party was able to make a submission of a site for which they seek allocation in the plan for a particular use. Various details of the site were requested, in accordance with criteria that were subject to public consultation between 7 November and 19 December 2008.

The major sites listed in this register will be fed into the candidate sites process in Spring 2009 whether or not they have been included in a Strategic Option. There will be the opportunity then for the proposers of those sites to support them with the detailed information that will be sought for all candidate sites.