Flood risk areas

The 1app form requires applicants for planning permission (but not householder applications) to consider the need for a flood consequences assessment if the development site is located within a flood risk area. 

Planning applications that incorrectly state that the site is not within a flood risk area or which have not provided a flood consequences assessment when one is clearly required, will be deemed invalid.  

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15

Flood risk and associated documents provide advice on the form and content of a flood consequences assessment and applicants must have regard to this. 

There is a policy objection to development in zone C that does not meet the justification tests set out at section 6 of the TAN and a policy objection to highly vulnerable and emergency services developments in C2 flood risk areas. 

Less vulnerable development in zone C2 and all development in C1 flood risk areas will need to pass the justification test and provide a flood consequences assessment by an appropriately qualified person in accordance with the requirements of the TAN. 

View the Welsh Government summary of TAN 15

All applicants for highly vulnerable development in zone C1 must have regard to this document which sets out the Welsh Government's expectations for such assessments. 

Newport City Council as the local planning authority will also expect to see:

  • Modelling data to show the velocity, rate of rise and depth of flooding across clearly identified escape/evacuation routes in all flood events and associated analysis
  • Speed of and the period of inundation for all flood events both on site and across identified escape or evacuation routes and associated analysis. 

This shall include information to enable the local planning authority to determine likely periods of containment if the site and/or escape routes are flooded to depths and/or velocities above the thresholds cited in TAN15.