Newport City Council is a partner in the Landlord Accreditation Wales (LAW) scheme, a skills based scheme for landlords and agents who can be accredited and recognised as good landlords.

The aim of the scheme is to make landlords and agents aware of their rights and responsibilities when letting. 

Landlord accreditation is changing in Wales

From autumn 2015, if you rent out accommodation, private landlords and agents will need to register and obtain a licence from Rent Smart Wales. 

The Housing Act 2014 becomes law in autumn 2015 and requires private landlords to register and private landlords or their agents to obtain a licence to operate. Licensing will be based on training.

The existing Landlord Accreditation Wales (LAW) scheme, administered by Cardiff Council on behalf of the local authority partnership, will be changing as a result.  

An individual or business will need to apply for one licence for all their rental properties in Wales and the new registration and licensing scheme will be delivered by Rent Smart Wales. 

Private landlords who own rented property will need to register and private landlords and agents who let and manage rented accommodation must obtain a licence from Rent Smart Wales. 

You will still need to apply for individual property licences for Houses in Multiple Occupation.

What should I do now?

You can still complete the Landlord Accreditation Wales training now and when the new Act is introduced you will have little extra to do to obtain a licence.

I rent out property but I don’t want to be trained and get a licence

If you own rented accommodation you will have to register with Rent Smart Wales by law, this will be a quick process which you can do online.

If you don't let or manage the property yourself you don't need to get a licence or undertake training.

As part of the registration, you will have to state who undertakes letting and management at the property. 

If you employ an agent for this work on your behalf, you must make sure they are licensed to do so.

Landlords and agents will be granted a year from the introduction of the scheme to comply with its new requirements, by autumn 2016. 

After this time, landlords and agents in Newport found to be operating outside the system may have legal action taken against them.   

More information 

Visit the Rent Smart Wales website and subscribe to updates.

To book training visit the Landlord Accreditation Wales website

Read more on the Welsh Government website.

Newport Landlords’ Forum

All landlords are welcome to attend meetings, your input is essential and valued.

The next landlords' meeting will take place in September 2015

Landlords' Forum 17 June 2015

Download the Housing Wales Act presentation (pdf)

Download the Renting Homes Bill presentation (pdf)

Download the Legionella update presentation (pdf) 

Download the Developing a Private Rented Sector Strategy for Newport presentation (pdf)

Landlords' Forum 26 March 2015

Download the presentation on Common hazards and their remedies (pdf)

Download the update presentation on Part 1 Housing (Wales) Act 2014 (pdf)  

Landlords' Forum 22 October 2014

Part 1 Housing (Wales) Act 2014 presented by Anne Rowland, Welsh Government (pdf) 


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