Floating support

Floating support is the term used to describe housing-related support services that are provided by support workers to people in their own homes.

Newport City Council and its partners offer a range of housing-related support services including those for people experiencing domestic abuse, for people with memory loss or dementia and for people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and developmental disorders.

Access floating support services by: 

If you have any doubts please email the referral form to floating.support@newport.gov.uk

Self-referrals (Word document) are welcome although the Supporting People team may need to request further information from partner agencies.  

An assessment of need and risk will be required before acceptance to the waiting list or an offer of support being made - an immediate floating support service cannot be guaranteed.  

When you complete the referral form you can select whether a supported housing or a floating support service is required. 

If you want to refer to both types of service please tick both boxes on the referral form rather than completing two separate referrals.  

Floating support services funded by the Supporting People Programme are available for the following people:  

Find information about access to all Supporting People funded services in the Newport Directory of Supporting People Services.  

For further information about floating support services email floating.support@newport.gov.uk or telephone (01633) 235201