Floating support

The term 'floating support' is used to describe housing-related support services provided to people in their own homes.

Newport City Council and our partners offer housing-related support services for people experiencing domestic abuse, memory loss or dementia as well as for those with learning disabilities, mental health issues and developmental disorders.

These services are accessed through the Supported Housing Gateway

The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project floating support servce is offered by the council with our partners Taff Housing and Reach with the aim of:

  • preventing issues experienced in managing a home
  • improving independent living skills and confidence
  • increasing community involvement and signposting to useful services
  • reducing homelessness and potential homelessness 

To access the Lighthouse Project services:  

Self-referrals (Word document) are welcome although we may need to ask for further information from partner agencies.  

An assessment of need and risk will be required before acceptance to the Lighthouse Project waiting list or an offer of support being made - an immediate service cannot be guaranteed.  

Find information about all Supporting People funded services in the Newport Directory of Supporting People Services.  

For further information about the Lighthouse Project email floating.support@newport.gov.uk or telephone (01633) 235201