Planning an event

Event organisers may be legally responsible for the safety of everyone attending an event.

You may need to notify Newport Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG) with details if your event is: 

  • held outdoors with large crowds, i.e. public entertainment, large number of vehicle movements, fireworks or bonfire, celebrity, VIP etc
  • a major sporting event - first time or routine sporting fixtures
  • an indoor event with large crowds of a particular type, popular music events, political or religious gatherings
  • a city centre event
  • a march or parade, cycling or running
  • a street party
  • a school or residential home fete

Step 1: Complete the event enquiry questionnaire a notification form. 

Step 2: If necessary, you may be asked to complete a temporary event notice.

Please email with completed notifications or with any queries.

Road closures

Some events, e.g. street parties, may require local roads to be closed to traffic and you will need to make an application at least eight weeks before the event.

Apply to close a section of road for a community event (pdf) 

Visit the Street Party site for further information.

Newport Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Newport Event SAG is an advisory group whose members include Newport City Council, Gwent Police, South Wales Fire and Rescue and Gwent Ambulance.

SAG can support event organisers in staging a safe event by providing advice, planning guidance, and information about potential clashes with similar or larger events.

Download and complete an events notification form (pdf) or contact Newport Event SAG below.

Download the Event Safety Guide (pdf), a practical guide to health and safety requirements and best practice advice for organisers of events.

Download the Small Events Guide: Safe Use of Inflatables (pdf) for advice on the hazards associated with inflatables. 

Further information

The Health and Safety Executive provides guidance on managing events safely and many of their guides are free to download.

If an event requires a licence contact the council’s licensing section for advice in the early stages of planning. 

Find general health and safety and food safety advice from the council. 


Contact Newport City Council and ask for the public protection team.