Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge 2018

Summer Reading Challenge 2018

Mischief Makers

The 2018 Summer Reading Challenge is Mischief Makers, featuring characters from one of the UK’s best loved comics, The Beano!

The reading challenge is totally free and to get started all your child has to do is sign-up at their local library.

They will be given a collector folder and as they read their books, each child will receive special stickers to complete their folder.

Children are encouraged to read at least six library books.  

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Any books count – novels, fact, jokebooks, e-books or audio - and Newport library staff will be pleased to help children choose books they will really enjoy.

Children can keep track of their progress and enjoy games, competitions and find out what to read next. 

The Summer Reading Challenge is a great time to share and talk about books as a family.

Sitting down with a book,newspaper or magazine sets a good example to kids as they will copy you and you can encourage a love of reading. 

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