Reading Groups

Reading for pleasure is an important part of developing ourselves and can make a positive difference to our lives.

Reading groups are a great way to make friends while you try new books 

Reading groups are a great way to make friends, feel connected and try books you’d never have come across otherwise.

In Newport, reading groups usually meet monthly to discuss a book previously chosen by the group for all members to read. 

If you are interested in joining a reading group please talk to a member of staff in your local library who will be pleased to help. 

Malpas Reading Group

Meets: the second Monday of each month

Time: 5.30pm

Where: Malpas Library

Ringland Reading Group

Meets: the last Friday of each month

Time: 10.30am

Where: Ringland Library

Rogerstone Roses Reading group

(with Rogerstone WI)

Meets: the first Thursday of each month

Time: 2pm

Where: Rogerstone Library

Rogerstone afternoon reading group

Meets: the first Monday of each month

Time: two sessions - 11am and 6pm

Where: Rogerstone Library