Public rights of way


COVID-19: closure of PROW, 25 March 2020

The Welsh Government has introduced emergency regulations, (The Health Protection (Coronavirus: Closure of Leisure Businesses, Footpaths and Access Land) (Wales) Regulations 2020), that require local authorities to close footpaths and other rights of way where use poses a high risk to the spread of coronavirus.

The following Public Rights of Way (PROW) will be closed under this legislation: 

  • Footpaths 401/12, 401/14, 401/15, 401/16, 401/19, Nash download map (pdf)
  • Footpaths 392/9, 392/11, 392/12, 392/29, 392/31, Goldcliff download map (pdf)
  • Restricted Byways 392/2, 392/1, Goldcliff download map (pdf)
  • Footpath 391/1, Newport-Gaer (Tredegar Park sports fields) download map (pdf)
  • Footpath 389/51, Caerleon (Christchurch cemetery) download map (pdf)
  • Footpaths 389/43, 389/44, 389/45, Caerleon (Priory Farm) download map (pdf)

All other PROW (without existing temporary closure orders in place) throughout Newport remain open for the public to use. We ask that all members of the public follow the requirements for social distancing and use their local routes rather then traveling to the countryside unnecessarily.

Many footpaths and bridleways cross private land, working farms and in some cases are close to private homes. Please keep to the paths, keep your distance from landowners and continue to follow the restrictions and measures which are in place to protect you and others.  

This will remain under review and may change if areas are identified where groups of people are congregating and actively ignoring measures set out by the government. 


There are around 300km / 186 miles of public rights of way (PROW) within the Newport City Council area, most of which are footpaths (287km / 179.4 miles).

The council manages and maintains this network of paths, working closely with landowners and users to keep the paths to a usable standard. 

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