Vow renewal

Newport Registration Service offers re-affirmation of vows ceremonies which can take place within any approved premises.

The ceremony is for any couple who are married or have formed a civil partnership and who wish to celebrate re-affirming their vows in a unique and personal way.

Often ceremonies are associated with a special anniversary but are appropriate for couples at any time.  

At the end of the ceremony, you will both sign a civic record, two people will sign as witnesses and you will be presented with a commemorative certificate of the event.

Please note that neither the ceremony nor any commemorative certificate has any legal status.

Re-affirmation ceremonies are secular and do not contain any religious references, you should contact your local church or religious community if you wish to hold a religious ceremony. 

The ceremony

A trained and experienced Newport Registration Service celebrant will conduct your ceremony and can advise about anything you are unsure of.

The ceremony is as individual as the couple arranging the celebration and is created by the couple with the help of the celebrant.

Special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony, for example, your children, guests who were at the wedding or civil partnership and any friends and relatives.

You will also need to ask two people to witness the signing of the certificate of the event.

The ceremony is about 30 minutes long depending on the number of options and readings chosen. 

Options you may wish to consider include:

  • acknowledgement of any children
  • readings
  • renewal of vows
  • re-dedication of ring(s)
  • giving of new ring(s) or gifts
  • words from a previous ceremony guest, e.g. best man, bridesmaids, relative
  • remembrance candle for those not present

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Please contact Newport Register Office.

Your marriage or civil partnership certificate must be produced when booking a ceremony.