Marriage and civil partnership

Mansion House

Newport Registration service is located at The Mansion House, near the city centre.

Please come and take a look at the room choices within our building before booking your ceremony as once legal preliminaries have been started, paperwork will only be valid for the stated room.

Whatever the type of ceremony you would like, we will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.

Ask us about your ceremony

You will have plenty of opportunity to tell us about your arrangements and will be able to personalise your ceremony with your own choice of words, readings and music.

You can choose from a wide range of vows and readings or you may wish to write your own - if you do, we will need to approve them in advance.

Any readings will be by a guest, the bride or groom and we will be able to advise you about their correct placement within the ceremony.

Please remember that any enhancements to the ceremony will be in addition to the legal words and that all additions must be non-religious in nature.

Your ceremony

You will need a minimum of two witnesses over the age of 16 present at the ceremony.

You do not have to live in Newport to hold your ceremony here. 

Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular days for ceremonies and you are advised to make a booking well in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

 Mansion House garden

The Mansion House garden

It is possible to hold a weekday ceremony outside depending on the time of day and subject to advance booking.

We recognise that your wedding or civil partnership is a unique and special occasion and we are here to help make it a day to remember. 

Whatever your arrangements we will try to ensure that your ceremony is what you want it to be and, most importantly, that it is carried out in accordance with the law. 

Floral displays are provided in the ceremony rooms but you may provide your own if you wish.

A picturesque garden with a stone bench provides an ideal photo opportunity for couples and it is now possible to hold a weekday ceremony on the lawn, depending on the time of day and subject to advance booking.

We are justifiably proud of the warm welcome and professional service we provide.

Legal preliminaries 

Before any marriage can lawfully be solemnised in England or Wales, certain preliminaries must be observed.

If you intend to marry in your parish church (i.e. Church in Wales), you should contact the vicar for information. 

All other marriages must be preceded by civil preliminaries involving your local Register Office.

Legal notice of marriage and civil partnership must be given within the district in which you live.

For instance, if you pay your council tax to Newport City Council, then your notice is given at Newport Register Office.

Notice by certificate

A notice of marriage is a legal document which is valid for one year and must be given by each party to the marriage.

Both of you must have lived in a registration district in England or Wales for at least seven days before giving notice at the Register Office.

Each person is required to give their own legal notice - if you both live in the same district you can attend together, if you live in different registration districts you will each attend your own local office.

Please contact your local Register Office for an appointment before attending.

After giving notice you must wait a further 28 clear days before the marriage can take place.

Notice by certificate with licence

Often known as ‘special licence’, this procedure has now been abolished.

A minimum waiting period of 28 clear days must elapse before a marriage can take place. 

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