Marriage and civil partnership fees

The Save the Date fee is £25.

Current fees from April 2018 

To enter legal notice of marriage or civil partnership there is a charge of £35 each, payable by the bride and groom to their local authorities.

If one of the parties to the marriage or civil partnership has a dissolution document issued outside of the British Isles, an additional fee is payable for its consideration.

Please contact us at the register office for further information.

Other fees to conduct and register a marriage are per couple. 

The Mansion House

Monday -Thursday:  

          £250 (plus certificate, £4)


          £305 (plus certificate, £4)


          £340 (plus certificate, £4)

Register Office (simple ceremony)

Monday – Wednesday:  

     £46 (plus certificate, £4)

Church/chapel ceremony attendance

Attendance of registrar:   

    £86 (plus certificate, £4)


Ceremonies in approved premises

Monday - Thursday: £355 (plus certificate, £4)

Friday: £410 (plus certificate, £4)

Saturday: £445 (plus certificate, £4)

Sunday, bank holidays and extra statutory days: £515 (plus certificate, £4) 

The current fee for a certificate is £4.00

Additional statutory fees will be payable for the legal preliminaries necessary for marriage or civil partnership (see above).

An approved premise ceremony fee is payable for the attendance of the registration team and is in addition to those charged by the venue.