Certificate fees

Superintendent Registrar Certificate Issue (from archive) from 1 April 2017.

Certificate search fees

Searching 1 year either side of date

free of charge

Searching a further 5 years


Searching a further 10 years


Same day service

Standard certificate


Short certificate (birth district, name and date of birth only) 


Regular service

Standard certificate    


Short certificate


Registrar certificate issue

Certificate issued on day of registration

£ 4

Certificate issued within 28 days of registration 

£ 7

Telephone orders

For certificate payments made by telephone there is an administration charge of £4 per certificate.

Certificates will be posted first class on the day of issue, however Newport Registration Service cannot guarantee delivery times.

Please note:

Same day service certificates can be ordered and paid for by card over the telephone with a total cost per certificate of £21.

Regular service applications should be by personal attendance, post or email. Once traced, applicants can choose to pay by card over the telephone and the total cost per certificate is £14.

Postal applications

Please include either a stamped addressed envelope (SAE) or an additional £1 in your remittance to cover postage costs.

Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to ‘Newport City Council’.

We do not accept third party cheques.


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