Grass cutting programme

Posted on Thursday 9th June 2016

Newport City Council is now cutting grass in public spaces once a month as a result of ongoing savings needed in order to maintain other essential public services.

 Although this will result in longer grass at times, it is currently exceptionally high following the very warm weather and intermittent rain.

 This growth rate is unlikely to be sustained throughout the summer, so once the first cut has been completed, grass lengths across the city should be more moderate.

Councillor Debbie Wilcox, Leader of Newport City Council, said she appreciated that some people were very civic minded and had cut the grass in areas near their homes: “The council has had to make some very difficult budget decisions which are affecting services across the council and grass mowing is one of them.

 “We thank residents for informing us of areas which are very overgrown and offer assurance that our Streetscene teams will use their reduced resources as efficiently as possible.

 “We recognise the concerns of residents who have contacted us about grass length in parks and play areas, but expect the mowing programme will shortly tackle the issue”.

The reduction in mowing frequency was implemented as a way of helping the council save nearly £60 million in the last five years, whilst at the same time maintaining care for the most vulnerable members of our communities and focusing on priorities such as the education of the children of Newport.

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