Cases in Newport continue to rise - statement from Leader of NCC

Posted on Sunday 13th September 2020
Jane Mudd 2

As the number of cases in Newport rises to over 43 per 100,000 – the fourth highest rate in wales, residents and visitors to the city are urged to act now to prevent further spread.

Councillor Jane Mudd, Leader of Newport City Council, said: “We have seen a further rise in cases over the weekend and a concerning number of cases stemming from people not adhering to the rules when socialising.

“Our priority is to protect our residents and prevent the need for further restrictions across the city – the likes of which we have seen in neighbouring authority areas.

“Again, I make an urgent plea to every resident of Newport and every visitor to our city to act now to reduce the spread of the virus.

“We all need to limit our contact with people; follow the laws on who we can meet indoors and outdoors; wash our hands regularly; keep our distance from others; and wear a face mask where required.

“We continue to work closely with businesses and organisations to ensure they are operating in a Covid-safe manner and with our police colleagues, we are out in the city supporting and enforcing where necessary.

“But I ask that when you do go out – be it to a shop, restaurant, on a bus or to school, or if you invite people into your home, please take responsibility for your actions. Protect yourselves, your friends, family and everyone you come in contact with.”