#ParkRight campaign spreads the safety message

Posted on Monday 10th June 2019
car on double yellows


A comprehensive campaign to ensure residents of Newport are aware of the local authority taking on Civil Parking Enforcement is being hailed a success.

A variety of messages, using the #ParkRight tag, have been put up on Newport City Council’s social media channels including the website, Facebook and Twitter.

They all emphasise that motorists need to observe the rules of the Highway Code – and if everyone follows these then the city will be a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

Figures from the council’s Twitter and Facebook accounts show the messages have been seen thousands of times and shared across these platforms.

For the last six months the council has also released numerous statements on the progress of the CPE project and how it will operate across the city when it takes over from Gwent Police on 1 July 2019.

Road signs and traffic regulations including single and double yellow lines have been refreshed or replaced to ensure everyone is clear where they should park safely.

And a team of Civil Enforcement Officers will be carrying out patrols and issuing offenders with penalty notices if they are in breach of the traffic regulations.

Councillor Roger Jeavons, the Cabinet Member for City Services said: “In the months leading up to us taking on CPE we have had regular feedback from the public who are looking forward to us tackling motorists who blatantly disregard the rules of the road.

“We have been putting frequent messages out over social media and on our website using the hashtage #ParkRight which we know have been seen thousands of times.

“The message is park right and park safe, and everyone needs to follow the rules.”

A formal notice of the council’s intention to take on CPE will be printed in the local media  in the next few weeks. 

Full details of what CPE means for the city can be found on the council website, visit

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