M4 Relief Road

Posted on Tuesday 4th June 2019

“Newport recognises its critical position at the gateway to south Wales and we have consistently worked to influence a solution that is the most appropriate and beneficial for the city, businesses and residents.

“Congestion is clearly an issue for Newport, as it is for many cities across the UK. We understand the strong feelings surrounding the M4 relief road and while many will be disappointed with the outcome today, we also recognise that this decision was always going to be a delicate balance.

“We welcome the First Minister’s commitment to instigate immediate action to tackle the traffic problems in and around Newport and establish an expert group. We will fully engage in this process from the outset.

“We are also pleased that the £1bn borrowing facility will also be available to make significant improvements to the transport infrastructure around the city. This is an opportunity we must not fail to grasp and we are ready to engage in these conversations with immediate effect.”

Councillor Debbie Wilcox, Leader of Newport City Council

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