Key Cities report launched

Posted on Thursday 7th February 2019

Newport's Councillor Debbie Wilcox was one of the leading local authority figures invited to launch an important document setting out the next steps for the Key Cities group.

She was alongside the chairs of Key Cities, Councillor Peter Box, the Leader of Wakefield at the event in the House of Commons.

Newport City Council's Leader also took part in the top table discussion and question and answer with more than 60 delegates from local government, national government and business.

In 2018, the network set out its vision which said that they Key Cities had the potential, ingenuity and dynamism to lead the UK's advance into a new era of growth and prosperity.

Key Cities: Cities in Action builds on this vision by setting out how the members intend to work more closely with the UK and devolved governments to fulfil three shared ambitions: that they are the best places for people to get, live and grow up.

The report sets out how these can be achieved to ensure higher productivity, stronger growth, better jobs and regenerated, sustainable and liveable cities with affordable housing.

Councillor Wilcox said: "The launch event demonstrated that Newport plays a leading role in Key Cities and was an excellent opportunity to discuss common aims and objectives with the leaders of other cities, from different political backgrounds..

"By joining forces, the Key Cities, including Newport, can have a stronger voice and work together to improve the resilience of our workforces and businesses to ensure they will have the skills to adapt quickly and help the UK take its place at the forefront of global innovation.

"For example, the report highlights Newport's exciting place in the digital advances that are being made. It is home to a significant cluster f technology companies, particularly in compound semi-conductors and cyber security.

"As a council, we do, and will continue to, work with a range of organisations and the private sector so we can deliver the best possible services for our residents, businesses workers and visitors and Key Cities is another of those strategically important partnerships."

Newport has been a member of Key Cities, the UK's fast-growing city leadership network, since 2015.

It now has a membership of 24 cities in England and Wales with a collective population of 6.38 million and a joint contribution of around £130.5 billion to the economy each year.


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